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 haveget one's blood up
 havekeep one's feet on the ground
 have aone's finger in the pie
 have a bone to pick with sy
 have a chip on one's shoulder
 have a crack at sg
 have a frog in one's throat
 have a grip on sg
 have a monkey on one's back
 have an axe to grind
 have bats in the belfry
 have blood on one's handshead
 have got
 have gotten
 have got the fidgets
 have no inkling
 have no rhyme or reason
 have not the faintest ideanotion
 have no use for
 have one foot in the grave
 have other fish to fry
 have the courage of one's convictions
 have the last laugh
 have to do with
 have to do with

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